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What is Marine Collagen and Should You Try It?

What is marine collagen and should you even try it? Marine collagen has been around for quite some time but it just recently became a popular topic of conversation when one of the actors featured on the Oprah show discussed it on their show. This collagen stimulation is being sponsored by Proactive which manufactures it under the name of ‘collagen’. It is being promoted as the most effective natural ingredient which can be used on the skin to produce more collagen and elastin. The ingredient is advertised as capable of boosting the production of both proteins within the body.

what is marine collagen and should you try it

So what is collagen and exactly what does it actually do? This protein fibres are bundles of amino acids and also contain keratin. The purpose of these fibres is to provide the skin with the basic structure that is required to keep the skin smooth, firm and supple.

As mentioned, marine collagen is manufactured using keratin and this protein fibres are derived from sheep’s wool. What happens is that when the wool is converted into this protein, the keratin chains are given a much higher molecular weight. This increased molecular weight enables the protein fibres to better penetrate the epidermis. What is collagen then is a mixture of peptides and elastin proteins bound together via a glycosyluble matrix. The matrix provides the skeleton of your skin with the basic building blocks of collagen.

So what is marine collagen and should you try it? Now, what is collagen stimulation? When you stimulate collagen growth you are essentially encouraging the natural process in which new collagen growth takes place. This stimulation is naturally occurring as your body begins to replenish its own supply so trying to stop the natural replenishment means that you won’t be successful.

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So what is collagen stimulation then? The use of ingredients such as Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame are designed to boost the natural collagen and elastin production in your skin. They then ensure that this production is maximised. The beauty of these ingredients is that they do not cause irritation as they work by stimulating existing fibrous protein molecules not by penetrating the skin but by acting on the surface of the cells.

So what is marine collagen and should you try it? These natural ingredients will give you amazing results. You will see that your wrinkles and fine lines begin to close and you will have an even skin tone. Your skin will be more supple and pliable and you will find that your dark circles disappear. The wrinkles around your eyes will soften and you will have skin that you can be proud of.

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