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The Biggest Myths About Calories That Prevent Weight Loss

Did you ever have the misconception that eating small portioned meals or eating large portions of food is a bad idea? Well, it is a myth because what we really need to do is eat small portions but make them more tasty. In this article, I will discuss 4 hours ago misinformation about calories and what you can do about it. Reading this article will enlighten your mind as you learn about nutrition and how to eat healthy.

biggest myths about calories

The first misconception I am going to discuss in this article is that eating small portioned meals is bad. What most people actually do is they try to eat more but they still end up overeating since they do not use words like portion or small when referring to their food. When they say eat more, what they really mean is, eat five more servings or eat five larger meals. This sentence appears quite sneaky because we often use words like big and small with reference to food.

What you should be saying instead is, consume smaller portions of healthy food instead of large portions of food that is high in fat, sugar, cholesterol and other unhealthy components. The second biggest misconception about calories is that they cause obesity. Actually, studies have shown that if people ate healthy food at each meal, they would not gain weight over the course of the day. What has been proven is that the food you eat before lunch is what you eat for dinner and so forth throughout the day. What you do have to do is take in a lot of nutritious food so that your body can perform its best over the next several hours and in the morning.

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The third biggest misconception is that people get fatter if they eat more calories. Again, this is not true. What happens is when you increase your estimated calorie intake, your metabolism goes up but it does not work overtime to process the extra calories that you consume. This means that it will burn off the excess energy all at once instead of taking the calories over a longer period of time.

The fourth biggest misconception is that by counting calories you can lose weight faster. The calories that are ingested through food are not burnt off the way that the calories that you burn off by exercising do. Your body will actually store some of these calories as fat. In order to lose weight, you have to follow an exercise routine that will help you to burn calories while you are resting. This in turn will speed up the rate at which you begin losing fat.

The fifth biggest myth is that you cannot eat six meals a day. This is not true either. You can eat six meals throughout the day and on alternate days. It is important to monitor your calorie intake though. You do not want to go overboard because you do not want to become over loaded on certain foods. You want to keep it simple and healthy.

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