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Healthy Alternatives to White Pasta

healthy alternatives to white pasta

Healthy Alternatives to White Pasta

There are a number of healthy alternatives to white pasta that make this staple food all the more interesting and appetizing. Although it is one of the oldest and most popular forms of pasta, it is not necessarily easy to eat healthy when pasta is the first choice. The main problem with white pasta is that it contains a high amount of refined carbohydrates, which can be a little too much for some people.

The good news is that there are healthy alternatives to white pasta that don’t require any substitutions. One such good alternative is to use whole wheat pasta. Whole wheat pasta is made from wheat bran, which is not only healthier but also includes a lot of fiber. Fiber provides people with a number of health benefits including keeping one’s weight in check and reducing the risk of colon cancer. Because of its high fiber content, whole wheat pasta is a good choice to go along with a low-fat or low-sugar diet.

Another good option is to go with brown rice instead of white pasta. Brown rice is also a good source of fiber, so it makes a good combination with the high fiber content in whole grain pasta. People who have diabetes or heart problems can also benefit from consuming brown rice because it is a good source of fiber and antioxidants. Buckwheat is also another great alternative as it is very low in carbs and has a high level of fiber.

For an extremely easy and delicious meal, consider adding spaghetti squash to the mix. Spaghetti squash is a bit smaller than a jello ball and it also contains twice as much protein. As a side note, squash is a great vegetable to add to soups, sauces and salads. In fact, one of the best ways to enjoy squash is to cook it and puree it with other ingredients.

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Lastly, squash is a good source of vitamin C. Although it is difficult to get enough of this vitamin through food sources alone, it is still beneficial to eat vegetables that are high in vitamin C such as broccoli, carrots and turnips. The vitamin C found in these veggies acts as an antioxidant. As an added bonus, squash is also rich in potassium and iron, making it a good source of nutrition for children as well as adults. Keep in mind that when buying squash, make sure that the skin has already been removed. The insides are very tough and if you choose to buy the skinless variety, be sure to only cut it off once it is fully developed.

Regardless of what type of noodles you decide to use with your spaghetti, remember to add more veggies! The more vegetables you include, the healthier the dish will be. For example, a baked potato makes a great base for your sauce. Add some broccoli and carrot sticks, and you have a nutritious and delicious meal.

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