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Creative Ways to Enjoy Grapes

Why not enjoy grapes and champagne with friends and family for a truly memorable occasion? Everyone can enjoy the great taste of wine and champagne, and your guests will be well impressed with your selection. How about hosting a gourmet picnic? Bring out the picnic table and picnic area, get a grill going and find a good place to put out the silverware and the glasses. When you think of champagne, do these grapes seem to match?

creative ways to enjoy grapes

It is a good idea to have dry-farmed red grapes, which have had their skin removed, if you can afford them. You can also buy grapes at the supermarket that have had their skin removed. This will add a bit of color and flavor to your selection. If you do not care too much about color and flavor, why not make your own wine? Grapes from the kitchen garden are easily available at most supermarkets.

Cut off the stem of a juicy red grape and scoop out the seeds. Place the seeds in a pan and bring to just below the boiling point. Cover the grape with a thin layer of dirt, making sure there is no air in it. Leave the grape to soak for up to two days. When you are ready to make your wine, remove the grape from the pan, rinse, dry and leave to cool to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grapes that are too hard or soft can be cracked. The wine maker’s technique is to let the grape pulp come out clean and clear of any debris. This makes the wine taste better. To crack them, cut the grape in half and remove the seeds. You can then make wine out of the sections.

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It may be fun to squeeze the juice from the grapes yourself. If you have ever tried squeezing lemons, you will notice a difference in how that lemon tastes as the juice is extracted from lemons. It is not hard to do and it makes a wonderful, unique, and flavorful drink. It is best to use a stainless steel juicer to squeeze your own lemon juice. Do not use an ordinary juicer as it could cause damage to the skin or the pulp of the grape.

As wine makers, we often like to impress our friends with our creative ways to enjoy grapes. Make sure you learn the correct procedure from someone who has been making wine for a long time. If you do not know someone, check out the Internet where you will find many interesting videos that will teach you the correct methods. There are also great books to read that give instructions for the proper way to make wine. Start making your own wine and see what it can do for you!

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