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Benefits of Going Caffeine Free in the UK

benefits of going caffeine free

Benefits of Going Caffeine Free in the UK

There are a few benefits of going caffeine free. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you already know how bad it can be for your health. It has the added benefit of raising your blood pressure and keeping you up at night, but that is not the only health issue associated with coffee. Caffeine also increases your heart rate and causes weight gain.

Going caffeine free also helps with withdrawal symptoms. When you first start cutting back on the amount of caffeine you take in, some people experience headaches, anxiety, and even panic attacks. Most of these side effects are short lived, but some people actually go through periods where they cannot function properly because of the withdrawals. Going without coffee or other caffeinated beverages can help you avoid these withdrawal symptoms and live a more functional life.

You might wonder what is left for you to drink besides caffeinated beverages? A lot of people choose to substitute green tea or herbal teas. Green tea contains antioxidants that are similar to those found in caffeinated beverages. The difference is that while caffeine is not a stimulant, it does affect your central nervous system. It can cause anxiety, increased heartbeat, and can have negative interactions with other medications. Herbal teas do not contain caffeine, so there are no negative interactions with your current medications.

If you are drinking coffee on occasion, but cannot afford to go without it, you might consider making your own version of decaf coffee. There are several recipes available online or in specialty coffee shops that will produce a great cup of Joe. For a Christmas treat, try making chocolate covered espresso shots. For a weekday morning pick-me-up, try making your favorite latte. These are just some ideas, and there are literally thousands of combinations that you can come up with. As long as you use a decent coffee maker, and keep the process simple, you can enjoy great tasting beverages without spending a fortune.

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If you have a pre-existing condition or medication, you should first discuss it with your healthcare provider before you begin any type of caffeine consumption reduction program. Caffeine is a drug, and depending on your current health, can interact with your current medicines. A doctor can run allergy tests or give you specific doses to take during the day while avoiding any caffeine consumption.

While the decision to go caffeine free may seem challenging, it can be made easy if you have the right support system. It is important to talk to your friends, family, and your local coffee shop manager about going this route. They can give you information and resources to help you along the way. You can also get plenty of information from the internet. There are a variety of forums that you can visit to learn about the many benefits of going caffeine free.

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